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3 steps to overcoming emotional eating for Christian.entrepreneurs

May 27, 2021
Hey Mumma!
Emotional eating is a BIG deal for so many women and todays guest has a really useful insight into overcoming emotional eating.
Meet Cat!
Cat Sharp is a Jesus-loving, worship-singing movie geek who has never fully grown up. She loves coffee, all things bright and silly, and wonders why Christmas lights aren’t socially acceptable year-round.
Cat is a Certified Life Coach with a personal weight loss of over 100 pounds. She is passionate about helping women who love Jesus break the diet cycle and find peace and health in their bodies with the Word of God.
She believes that the principles of taking care of our physical bodies are beautiful, mini representations of the concepts of discipleship. She loves to zoom out with her clients to see the bigger picture of what glorifying God in our bodies truly means.
Cat lives in southeast Missouri with her husband. Between them, they have 3 adult daughters with their first Grandbaby on the way. Cat serves at her local church as Assistant Music Director, praise team member, and small group teacher.
Find her: 
Free Emotional Eating Toolkit -
Christ Over Cookies - a 5 day Bible study for any woman getting started toward Christ-centred weight loss -
Scriptures we referenced in the episode:
Matthew 26:41
2 Peter 1:3 
1 Corinthians 10:13
James 1:2-4, 12-14

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